Atticus is a former Vault Dweller from the East Coast. At age 16, he still has the mind of a 6 year old boy. He is played by actor Always Maddoc.


Atticus was born sometime in 2071, but he can't remember what day. His father was part of the many vault experiments involving stasis. When he was put into the stasis chamber, he was 6 years old and stayed in it for near 200 years, until a power outtage caused the stasis modules to go on backup power, causing aging to occur, but be slow. When Atticus emerged from the stasis chamber after a full power drainage, he had the body of 16 year old, but still functioned like a 6 year old. All of the other stasis chambers had been opened, or had dead bodies in them when he left the vault. He can't remember which vault it was, but that he walked in one direction looking for something, that he can't recall what it is.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Atticus is has unkempt hair, and usually wears cargo shorts. He likes small animals, and soda. He doesn't like radiation at all, and avoids eating or drinking from radiated sources.


  • Atticus is essentially exactly the same as Always Maddoc's character in New Vegas.
  • Atticus has an extreme love for soda.
  • A majority of Atticus' backstory was created while Max Kade, Graham Melton, and Always Maddoc held an impromptu role playing session in which each person pretended to be their Fallout character.
  • Atticus was originally set to use a makeshift broadsword, but it was replaced with a smaller fist weapon.