Jay is a character hinted to appear in episode 6 of Fallout: Rangers of the Wastes, the final episode of Season 1. Absolutely nothing is known about the character, and Max Kade has stated that he will reveal nothing on the character except the name. However, he claims to have written an entire backstory on the character and has already chosen an actor. Kade also stated that Jay will have an important effect on Kaden Law's character development, thought it is unknown what this will be.


Nothing is known about Jay's backstory.

The name "Jay" is short for many names, including Jace, Jared, Jade, Jacob, Jake, James, and many others. Whether Jay's full name will be revealed in the series is unknown.

Appearance and Personality

Again, nothing is known about Jay, but we think it's safe to assume that he/she is a total bad ass.