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The Exile, as seen in the Rangers of the Wastes Prologue.

The Exile is a former Desert Ranger and NCR deserter. Little is known about his past. He is played by both actors Stephen Leany and Max Kade.


Little is known about the Exile. What little is known of his story begins in 2272. When the NCR arrived in the Mojave and absorbed the Desert Rangers, the Exile resisted, and deserted both the Rangers and the NCR. He was declared a terrorist after blowing up part of an NCr base, and has been on the run ever since. At some point in 2276, he befriended Syver and Senor Muerto, though it is unknown how he did this since he does not speak. He was declared the sworn protector of Ensign in 2277.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

The Exile rarely speaks, if ever. He can ocassionally be seen talking with Syver and Muerto, but never to Kaden or the others. He will often times split away from the team and either scout ahead or fall behind, usually if he feels there is danger nearby. He has an incredible sense of perception, and can hear and see enemies from great distances.

Over all, he looks very much like an NCR Vet Ranger. However, instead of the brown trench coat, he wears a shorter, reinforced military green jacket. His armor has had the police stencils erased and replaced with his personal logo, which is also on the back of his jacket. He carries a .44 magnum revolver and a short sword, and will often dual wield them. His entire outfit has been reinforced with varying pieces of metal and leather armor.


  • In early concepts, the Exile and Kaden Law were the same person.
  • The first time the Exile appeared as a separate entity from Kaden was in the original story for the series, in which Kaden was rescued from Raiders by an NCR Veteran Ranger. The Ranger was to be killed, and his armor stolen by the raiders. Kaden would have later found the armor, repainted it, and become the Exile.
  • No one is entirely sure what his personal logo symbolizes. There is some debate as to whether it depicts a gear or a Vault door being struck by lighting, and what the red lightning represents.
  • The Exiles' jacket actually belongs to Max Kade. The logo on the back was specifically designed for the jacket, long before Max had ever played Fallout, let alone create the show.
  • The Exile's armor prop is made from 1/2" foam mats. The mask is made from foam board sheets, and the helmet is a WWI US soldier helmet liner.
  • In the Prologue, the Exile is wearing a Pip-Boy 3000. By the time the web series starts, the Pip-Boy has disappeared.