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The first Reapers, as seen in the Rangers of the Wastes Prologue.

"And just when you think you've killed them, they get right back up and charge you, screaming and howling, their cries muffled by those damn masks..."' -James Archer

Reapers are a group of feral raiders operating outside of Ensign. They are very dangerous, and each of them is mentally abused to the point of insanity.


Few people know where the Reapers came from, or what they're goal is. Some claim that they are feral ghouls, others claim they're robots. However, though no one in the series knows who they are, it has been confirmed that they were originally the Reaper Brothers, a pair of raiders operating in Salt Lake in 2272. After the events of the Rangers of the Wastes Prologue, they went on to expand their gang into the nightmare seen in the web series.

Appearance and CharacteristicsEdit

Over all, Reapers looks like normal Raiders, the only difference being their masks. Each Reaper has personally melted the sides of a gas mask onto their face, making them incredibly painful to wear. They also have a nasty habit of strapping knives and machetes onto their arms so tight that they can no longer feel their arms. The only thing they feel is pain, which is demonstrated in their constant screaming and howling. They hate everyone, and have been known to leave their course completely just to kill a village. They feel no compassion or sympathy. However, if you are attacked by a Reaper, you don't need to worry about feeling anything. They kill you so fast and efficiently, you barely feel a thing before you die. Some speculate that they intentionally give you a quick death to lessen your pain, but this is not likely. It is more likely that they've just gotten really good at murder.


  • When creating the Reapers, Max Kade was mainly inspired by the Reavers in the late television series, Firefly. There are obvious similarities, especially in the name.
  • Max Kade had been informed several times that the Reapers looked very similar to Ghost People in Fallout: New Vegas, and acted a lot like Reapers in Infamous. Although he can see the similarities, Max was unaware that either of these enemies had existed, and was therefore not inspired them.
  • The gas masks on the Reapers were in fact inspired by the "Gas Masked Fat Man With a Chainsaw" in the film The Book of Eli.